German Anzacs from Russia

This list includes ethnic German Anzacs born on the territory of Baltic provinces (mostly modern day Latvia), in Poland and in Russia. Their German origin was established on the basis of names, religious denomination, contacts with descendants, and a study of naturalisation and other records. In many cases it is still impossible to determine with confidence their self identity. Some of them might have been completely Russianised or shared the culture of Baltic and Polish people among whom they lived. There also is a possibility that some men in this list of German Anzacs are Latvians and Estonians who Germanised their names.

Baltic German Anzacs

Baschbauer, Edward Ernest
Blankenberg, John William
Bremer, Frederick
Brutton, Ernest Otto
Cussoff, Theodor
Danberg, Rudolf
Drager, Adolf Leopold
Dreger, Ernest Mikel
Fraser, Ernest
Grusausky, Fridrich
Hanke, Joseph
Janus, John
Kampmann, Otto
Koslovsky, William
Kotzebue, Nicholas
Kroeber, Waldemar Franz von
Lihpin, George
Merkulski, Johannes Benjamin
Odenberg, Adolf
Pankoff, John August
Paulin, Karl Fritz
Preis, Karl
Reimers, John
Reineke, John
Rowehl, Armen
Rowehl, Edwin Nicholas
Rozenfeld, Didrich
Schatkowski (Oldham), Militan
Schilling, Fritz
Stenger, Fedor
Winnin, Fritz
Zander, Charles Oscar
Zeeman, Fritz

Polish German Anzacs

Connand, George
Deckhardt, Robert
Kler, Emil
Miller, Alfred
Plisch, Gustave Alexander August
Riedel, Charles
Thaler, Gustav

Russian German Anzacs

Arn, Alexander
Fass, Charles
Leffow, Jacob
Rohdy, John
Seeburg, Frank
Spisbah, Alexander
Tapken, Paul
Tober, Albert Michael
Vengert, Jack