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Roth, Ettingove, Elecoff

Felix Witold Roth

  • Felix Witold Roth, a sculptor from Warsaw in Poland, came to Australia from Japan in 1911. He lived in Sydney, where he married Australian girl Lynda Thelma Johnson and had a daughter.
  • Enlisting in the AIF in February 1918 he arrived to England with reinforcements, but was sent to France only after the end of the war and later worked in the Modelling Subsection of the Australian War Records Section in London.
  • After the war he lived with his family in Sydney, working as a sculptor.

Samuel Ettingove

  • Samuel Ettingove, a Jewish man from Mogilev Province in Belarus, came to Australia in 1912 to join his uncle Sidney Myer. He studied at Melbourne University.
  • He enlisted in the AIF in February 1918 and was trained as a gunner, but a month later he was severely injured when his motorcycle collided with a tram. He died two months later.
  • His army mates paid tribute to him in newspaper advertisements years after the war.

Michael Elecoff

  • Michael Elecoff, an Ossetian from the North Caucasus, came to Australia in 1914 and was working as a labourer and wheeler at the mines.
  • He made several attempts to enlist in the AIF, but was rejected on medical grounds. His last unsuccessful attempt was in February 1918.
  • After the war he was working as a miner and in 1924 married an Australian girl, Ivy May Shaw, in Lithgow. They had four children, but Michael died early.