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Kasak, Nazarow, Goldberg, Helppi

John Kasak

  • John Kasak, a Latvian or Estonian sailor from Riga, came to Australia during the war. Before that he had already registered for military service in the USA in 1917.
  • In May 1918 he enlisted in the AIF and was sent with reinforcements to England. In October he became severely ill with pneumonia and was returned to Australia.
  • After the war the continued serving on ships in the USA.

Daniel Nazarow

  • Daniel Nazarow came from the village Zaplavnoe, near Astrakhan. Ethnically he was Russian, but belonged to the Judaizing Talmudists by denomination. He spent two and a half years in Palestine and came to Western Australia in 1912, leaving behind his wife and two children. In Australia he worked as a labourer, clearing land, and then as a miner in outback areas; in 1917 he was injured in a dynamite explosion.
  • In May 1918 he enlisted in the AIF, but was discharged soon afterwards due to medical reasons and lack of English.
  • After the war he worked as an umbrella mender, and then again as a miner, living in Sydney and different areas of Western Australia.

Joseph Goldberg

  • Joseph Goldberg, whose true name was Joseph Albert Rosen, bas born in Warsaw and came to Australia in 1902 as a seaman. He lived in South Australia, working as a pastry cook.
  • In May 1918 he enlisted to the AIF and was sent with reinforcements to England, but arrived after the armistice.
  • After the war he married Margaret McInerney and lived in Sydney, working as a salesman.

Antti Helppi

  • Antti Helppi, a Finnish seaman from Vyborg, came to Australia in 1916 and served on the ships in Sydney and Brisbane.
  • In May 1918 he enlisted in the AIF in Brisbane and sailed with reinforcements to the Western Front. He was sent to France on 6 November 1918, a few days before the armistice.
  • After the war he continued serving on the ships in Australia and died in 1927.