Alexander Allikas

Born 2.03.1889

Place Revel (Tallinn), Estonia

Ethnic origin Estonian

Religion Lutheran

Mother Alexandria Allikas


Wife Beatrice Vera May Allikas (nee Free); children Terence b. 1923, Theodore, Patricia, Shirley, Merle, Vera, and Joan. Terence fought in WWII.

Arrived at Australia
from Drammen, Norway
on 1909
per Lucy Para
disembarked at Melbourne

Residence before enlistment Victoria; Arno Bay, SA

Occupation Labourer, seaman

service number 2103
enlisted 31.05.1915
POE Keswick, SA
unit 27th Battalion, 7th Field Company Engineers, 1st Army Troop Company Engineers
rank Private, Sapper
place Gallipoli, 1915; Western Front, 1916-1918
casualties WIA 1916, 1918
final fate RTA 19.02.1919
discharged 28.05.1919

Naturalisation 1913

Residence after the war Hobart, Glenorchy, 1954 Burnie

Died 7.10.1963, Tasmania


Digitised naturalisation (NAA)

Digitised service records (NAA)

Digitised Embarkation roll entry (AWM)

South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau file

Court martial records (NAA)

Army pay file 1 2 (NAA)

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From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

The degree of Russianisation -- which had become quite marked throughout the Baltic Provinces by the beginning of the 20th century -- can also cause confusion in assigning ethnic identity, particularly when the memories and understanding of descendants is involved. At times contrary ethnic elements seem to have become almost fused in recollection, as in the memory Ken Allikas has of his grandfather Alexander: 'He was Estonian and grew up in Revel. He spoke Russian and Estonian, especially when he had had a few drinks!' [...]

Alexander Allikas 'never spoke of the war. ... He did not like talking about the war.'