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Nogal, Payton, Brun, Selman

Wladyslaw Nogal

  • Wladyslaw Nogal from Warsaw in Poland came to Australia in 1914 and worked in Kalgoorlie. He was a bricklayer by trade.
  • He served as a sapper with the 12th Field Company Engineers on the Western Front. In February 1917 he was wounded in the right shoulder and returned to Australia as medically unfit. Recovering in Australia, he enlisted once again in the AIF, but served only in the the depot.
  • While recovering in England, he met and married an English girl, Rosetta Westhorpe, who joined him in Western Australia, where he worked as a bricklayer, millhand, and miner. During WWII he enlisted in the AIF once again, working as a driver.

Frank Payton

  • Frank Payton (his original name was Dave Libman) was born in a Jewish family in Riga. At 13 he ran away from home, changed his name, and signed on to a boat to work. He landed in Australia in 1913 and worked as a fisherman.
  • Enlisting in the AIF, he served in the 10th Battalion on the Western Front, where he was wounded three times: first in July 1916 at Pozieres in his face and left hand, then in September 1917 in the arm, and in May 1918 at Ville-sur-Ancre with a gunshot wound fracturing his leg and leaving him lame. After that wound he was repatriated to Australia.
  • After the war he worked in Western Australia and Darwin as a fisherman, wharfie, whaler, and prospector.

Mathias Gustav Brun

  • Mathias Gustav Brun, an Estonian ship’s carpenter, came to Australia in November 1915 and enlisted a few weeks later in Sydney.
  • He served in the 53rd Battalion on the Western Front. In September 1917 he was wounded in the face, but recovering, returned to the trences. In March 1918 he was gassed and in April 1918 accidentally wounded himself in the left arm and was invalided to Australia.
  • After the war he continued his seafaring occupation.

Ivan Frederick Lowack Selman

  • Ivan Frederick Lowack Selman was born in Mitava (Jelgava) in Latvia. He studied for two years in a military college in St Petersburg. He gave his occupation as medical student.
  • He enlisted in the army in the beginning of the war in New Zealand, but was discharged as medically unfit. Coming to Australia he enlisted in Sydney and came to Egypt with the 17th Battalion. He got sick with meningitis and returned to Australia. In January 1917 he enlisted in the AIF once again, in Gulgong, Victoria, and sailed to England with the 7th Battalion. Reaching Plymouth he got sick and was repatriated to Australia.
  • The last records available about him relate to 1924 when he was in the Hospital for Incurables, Heidelberg, Victoria.