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Nemirovsky, Kalinin, Johnson, Lagutin, Jansson

Michael Nemirovsky

  • Michael Nemirovsky, a Russianised Jewish man, was born in Mariinsk in Tomsk Province. He came to Western Australia not long before the war and worked as a draper.
  • He served in the 51st Battalion on the Western Front, being transferred in 1917 to the transport section. In September 1916 he was wounded at the battle for Mouquet Farm.
  • After the war he lived in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, working as a motor driver, tinsmith and conductor.

Serguey Kalinin

  • Serguey Kalinin from Ekaterinburg, after his service in the Russian army, came to Brisbane in 1909 and worked on farms and on railway construction.
  • Enlisting in the AIF as Serge Medvedeff, he served in the 31st Battalion on the Western Front. Gassed in 1917, he was returned to Australia with badly affected lungs.
  • After the war he lived in Brisbane, working as a labourer.

Andrew Johnson

  • Andrew Johnson, a Finn from Wasa, came to Australia in 1913 most likely as a seaman and worked in outback Queensland as a labourer.
  • Enlisting in the AIF, he served as a gunner with the artillery batteries on the Western Front. He was wounded in October 1917 at Passchendaele and in April 1918 probably at Dernancourt, but continued soldering until the end of war.
  • After the war he lived in Queensland, but it is impossible to trace his life further due to his common name.

Nicholas Lagutin

  • Nicholas Lagutin was born in Moscow; according to police records, his father was French. He came to Australia in 1911 and worked as a labourer in New South Wales.
  • Enlisting in the AIF, he served in the 47th Battalion on the Western Front. He was awarded the Military Medal for his bravery and determination during the battle near Lihons in August 1918.
  • While in England, he married an English girl, Mabel Victoria Smith, and brought her to Australia after the war. They settled in Sydney where he worked as a tram conductor.

August Waldemar Jansson

  • August Waldemar Jansson, a Finnish seaman from Mariehamn, in the Aland Islands, enlisted in the AIF in Melbourne.
  • He came with the 5th Battalion to France in June 1916, but got sick and was discharged in London in the same year.
  • After his discharge from the army, he returned to the Aland Islands.