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March-April 1916 enlistees without service records

  • Waldermer Ende, a Latvian seaman from Riga, came to Australia in January 1916 and enlisted in the AIF two months later in Sydney. Most likely he continued working on the ships after his discharge.
  • P. Kartnoff enlisted in the AIF in Victoria. No further data was found.
  • A. Mackinson enlisted in New South Wales.
  • August Einar Ronn, a Finnish seaman from Helsingfors, enlisted in the AIF in NSW. Obviously his service was brief as he was registered as an alien in Western Australia and continued seafaring.
  • Solomon Rosenberg, a Jewish man from Kamenets-Podolsk in Ukraine or Brest in Belarus, left Russia in 1898 with his parents as a child. He lived in Scotland and Argentina. In 1912 he came to Australia and settled in Sydney working as a wood carver. In 1914 he married Esther Finkelstein. He enlisted in Sydney, but his service obviously did not last long.
  • A.S. Islin enlisted in the AIF in NSW. No further data was found.
  • Victor Neborotchko was a Ukrainian seaman from Odessa. He enlisted in NSW and after a short service worked as a fireman and a wiper on American and British ships.
  • William Allias, an Estonian seaman, enlisted in the AIF in NSW. He did not serve long and in 1917 came to San Francisco in the USA, where he tried to enlist in the army twice: in WWI and WWII.
  • John Grzybala was born in the Austrian part of Poland and came to Australia in 1911 as a seaman. He enlisted in the AIF in Sydney as a Russian subject, but was discharged soon. After the war he lived in Sydney.
  • P. Kilpman enlisted in the AIF in NSW. No other data available.