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Juckham, Osipoff, Lembit, Morozoff, Proosov

Henry Martin Juckham

  • Henry Martin Juckham, an Estonian seaman from Piarnu, came to Australia in about 1909 and worked on the ships in Australia waters.
  • Enlisting in the AIF in Townsville, he served as a rigger and air mechanic in the Australian Flying Squadron in Egypt.
  • After the war he worked as builder, settling in Narrabeen, NSW.

Michael Osipoff

  • Michael Osipoff, a Russian from Irkutsk, came to Brisbane in 1913 from the Russian Far East and worked on railway construction.
  • Enlisting in the AIF in Rockhampton, he served with the 25th Battalion on the Western Front. In July 1918 he wounded himself in the foot, but was returned to the trenches after recovery. In September 1918 he was wounded in the arm at Peronne and evacuated to England; in December 1918, when suspicions towards Russians increased, he was speedily returned to Australia ‘on account of Russian nationality’.
  • After the war he worked as a wharf labourer in Port Pirie and Sydney. In 1932 he married Phyllis Mary Turtle, but she died in 1937, and the same year he married Lucy Shears.

Alexander Lembit

  • Alexander Lembit, an Estonian seaman from Piarnu, came to South Australia in 1913 and continued seafaring.
  • Enlisting in the AIF in Sydney, he served as a gunner in artillery units.
  • While in England, he met Agnes Cross from Glasgow and in November 1917 they married and returned to Australia after the war together. They lived in Sydney, where Lembit worked as a tram guard and labourer.

Dermy Morozoff

  • Dermy Morozoff from Kharkov in Ukraine came to Australia from Harbin in 1915. Having the profession of a clerk, he worked as a salesman in Melbourne.
  • Enlisting in the AIF in Melbourne, he served in the Australian General Hospital, but was discharged by his own request in December 1916.
  • Soon after his discharge he returned to China, where he worked as a customs officer in Shanghai. He has married there and had a son. In 1938 he moved to California with his family.

Isaac Proosov

  • Isaac Proosov, a Jewish man from Gorodok in Belarus, at the age of 15 moved to London, where he worked as a cabinetmaker. In 1911 he married Janie Rosenberg and in 1913 they migrated to Sydney. By the time of his enlistment in the AIF he had two children.
  • Enlisting in the AIF under the name of Pruss, he served as an air mechanic in the Australian Flying Corps, based in England.
  • After the war he continued working as a cabinetmaker in Sydney. His son and daughter served in the AIF during WWII.