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Harbert, Toivonen, Aaltonen

Gershun Harbert

  • Gershun Harbert, a Polish Jew, was a tailor who moved first to London, where his relatives lived, and in 1910 sailed to Australia.
  • Enlisting to the AIF he served with the 4th Battalion at Gallipoli and with 59th on the Western Front, where he was killed in the battle for Sugarloaf salient in July 1916.

Emil Evert Toivonen

  • Emil Evert Toivonen was a labourer from Helsinki in Finland.
  • Enlisiting in the AIF in Sydney, he fought with the 19th Battalion at Gallipoli, where he was wounded in the eye in September 1915. Recovering, he returned to the trenches. He was wounded in the shoulder at the Somme on the Western Front in November 1916 and gassed in June 1918. The last months of the war he served in the UK in the Australian Provost Corps.
  • He was discharged in England, intending to return to Finland.

Emil Alarik Aaltonen

  • Emil Alarik Aaltonen from Abo in Finland came to Australia in 1909 and worked as a labourer in Bunbury in Western Australia.
  • The first time he enlisted was in October 1914, but he was discharged ten weeks later. He reenlisted in May 1915 and sailed to Gallipoli with the 28th Battalion. He got seriously sick there with paratyphoid and was invalided to Australia. In 1916 he tried to reenlist again, but was rejected on medical grounds.
  • He stayed after the war in Bunbury.