George Washington Thomas Lambert

George Lambert at work
A04272 (AWM)

Born 13.09.1873

Place St Petersburg, Russia

Ethnic origin American / British

Religion Church of England

Father George Washington Lambert, American engineer

Mother Annie Matilda Lambert (née Firth)


Wife Amelia Beatrice Absell (1872-1963), married in 1900; sons Maurice Lambert (1901-1964) and Constant (b. 1905)

Residence before arrival at Australia Soon after birth his family moved to Germany and then to England

Arrived at Australia
from England
on 20.01.1887
per Bengal

Residence before enlistment Sydney, London

Occupation Artist

enlisted 13.12.1917
POE England
unit Appointed an official war artist, AIF HQ
rank Honorary Lieutenant, Honorary Captain
place Egypt, Palestine, France, Gallipoli, 1918-1919
discharged 31.03.1920

Naturalisation Natural born British subject

Residence after the war Sydney

Died 29.05.1930, Cobbitty, near Camden, New South Wales


Digitised service records (NAA)

Official History, 1914-18 War: Records of Charles E W Bean, Official Historian 123 (AWM)

Official History, 1914-1918 War: Records of Henry S Gullett (AWM)

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From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

Perhaps the best known among [British subjects born in Russia], however, was the painter George Lambert, who became an official war artist with the AIF in 1917. Lambert was born in St Petersburg in 1873; his father was an American engineer and his mother was English. His family moved to Australia in 1887, where Lambert became an artist.