The Centenary of Gallipoli Landing

April 26, 2015

Today, in the Centenary of Gallipoli landing, let’s remember the names of Russian born Anzacs who took part in this historic event.

They were

  • Alexander Arn, Thomas Baer, and Robert Mayer (1st Battalion)
  • Julays Beern, Adolf Eckland, and Arnold Sander (3rd Battalion)
  • Abraham Levene, Alfred Markowicz, Erwin Rosberg, Nicholas Sindeeff, and Frederick Turner (4th Battalion)
  • George Ball (7th Battalion)
  • August Arreta, John Hendrickson, Karl Ljung, Albert Lukander, Alexander Sast, Charles Zander (10th Battalion)
  • Alexander Hiltunen, and Edward Watson (12th Battalion)
  • Martin Antin, Schija Fels, Martin Hamman, Fritz Zeeman (13th Battalion)
  • Paul Zenewich and Thomas Lind (15th Battalion)
  • Marian Pshevolodsky, Charles Cepkouski, Rudolph Mahlit, Eliazar Margolin, Charles Reppe, Kazis Walinkevic (16th Battalion)
  • George Kamishansky and Francis Dyson (Artillery brigades)
  • Sidney Luck (1st Hospital)
  • Charles Haroldson (Service Corps)

Antti Kujala (he served as Thomas Lind), a fisherman from Vyborg, was killed during the landing, while Arn, Baer, Beern, Ball, Lukander, and Hiltunen were wounded.