Perlman, Valichea, Somero, Lebovich, Tsinsadze

December 4, 2016

Max Perlman

  • Max Perlman, a Jewish man from Odessa, grew up in Palestine, where his parents migrated when he was a child. In 1911 he came to Western Australia and worked as a marine collector.
  • Enlisting in the AIF in Perth, he was discharged two months later as medically unfit.
  • He stayed in Western Australia working as a bag merchant and labourer. During WWII he re-enlisted in the AIF.

Vladimer Valichea

  • Vladimer Valichea, born in Dvinsk (Daugavpils), came to Australia with his parents via the Russian Far East in 1912 and worked as an engine fitter in Brisbane.
  • He enlisted in the AIF for the first time in November 1915, but was discharged three months later because of his lack of English. He re-enlisted in October 1916 and served with the 47th Battalion on the Western Front. In October 1917 he was taken prisoner of war at Passchendaele, Belgium, and returned to Australia after the war.
  • In 1920 he committed suicide in Brisbane.

Daniel Somero

  • Daniel Somero, a Finn from Oulu, worked as a labourer in Kalgoorlie by the time of his enlistment in the AIF.
  • He served with the 44th Battalion on the Western Front and was killed in October 1917 at Broodseinde, near Ypres.
  • His family in Finland was found after the war.

Morris Lebovich

  • Morris Lebovich, a Jewish man from Odessa or Maikop, came to Perth in 1903 with his parents and siblings. He learned the trade of a saddler.
  • He served with the 2nd Battalion on the Western Front and, while acting as a stretcher bearer, was killed near Hazebrouck in May 1918.

George Tsinsadze

  • George Tsinsadze, a Georgian, tried to enlist in the AIF in Sydney, but his service was not long and his service records have not been found.