Haimson, Azieff, Schedlin-Czarlinski

February 26, 2015

David Haimson

  • David Haimson, a Jewish man from Beltsy in Bessarabia (now Moldova), came to Australia in 1911. He lived in Melbourne and in Bendigo with his brother Louis, working as a presser and hawker of drapery.
  • Enlisting in the AIF he deserted two months later, while still in the depot.
  • No trace is found about him after that.

Coultschouc Azieff

  • Coultschouc Azieff was an Ossetian from the village Humalag in the North Caucasus. He came to Australia from the Russian Far East on the eve of war.
  • He was the first Ossetian to join the AIF. Enlisting in Brisbane in the 26th Battalion he fought in the Gallipoli and on the Western Front. In October 1916 he died of wounds during the battle near Ypres.
  • After the war the Australian authorities managed to find his relatives in Ossetia and send them his military awards.

George Vincent De Schedlin-Czarlinski

  • George Vincent De Schedlin-Czarlinski was born in Warsaw in the noble cultured family, his mother was Belgian Baroness. His father Victor came to Australia in 1883 and worked as a hydrologist and engineer for the New South Wales Government. Four-year-old George came to Australia two years later with his mother and sister. In spite some financial troubles experienced by his father George received good education in Sydney (he spoke English, Polish and French) and later worked as a school teacher.
  • Although enlisting in the AIF in February 1915 George sailed to the active service more than a year later, as he had heart trouble. Nevertheless he reached battlefront in October 1916, but soon was transferred to England as medically unfit and worked as assistant in the military hospital.
  • After the war he lived in Mittagong.