Paul Ephraim Zundolovich

Paul Ephraim Zundolovich
Tom Linane, From Abel to Zundolovich

Alias Ephrem; Zundolovitch; Father Paul

Russian spelling

Павел Ефремович Зyнделович

Born 15.05.1865

Place Maished (Mosedis), Telshiai, Kaunas, Lithuania

Ethnic origin Jewish

Religion Roman Catholic

Residence before arrival at Australia Received theological education in the Propaganda College in Rome

Arrived at Australia
from Europe
on 1892
per Austral
disembarked at Sydney

Residence before enlistment 1893 Broken Hill, 1895 Wentworth, 1898 Wilcannia and White Cliffs, 1908 trip to Europe, 1909 Bourke, 1913 Wilcannia, 1915 Hay, NSW

Occupation Roman Catholic priest

enlisted 1.12.1916
rank Chaplain Captain
place trip on military transports to England and back, 1916-1917
final fate RTA 17.03.1917
discharged 15.05.1917

Naturalisation 1898, NSW

Residence after the war Moama, NSW

Died 7.05.1935, Moama, NSW


Naturalisation certificate 1898 (State Archives of NSW)

Digitised service records (NAA)

Digitised Embarkation roll entry (AWM)


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From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

Another outback story, but with a twist, was that of Father Paul Ephraim Zundolovich, a Roman Catholic priest whose name and birthplace (near Telshiai, now Lithuania) strongly suggest his origin was Jewish. He came to Australia late in the 19th century and travelled on horseback through remote outback areas, preaching among pioneers and Aborigines, carrying with him a suitcase which has ended up on display in Moama parish church, in the Riverina, where ultimately he spent 19 years as parish priest. The case 'contained a small portable altar, a chalice which screwed into a leather case, cruets, and ciborium'. An iron poker also in the case was 'an implement' believed to have been 'used to stoke camp fires when he was on the road'. During the war he accompanied Australian troops to England as a chaplain.