Paul Zinevich

Celebration of Eva & Paul Zinevich wedding anniversary, Argus, 15 November 1944

Alias served as Zenewich

Russian spelling

Павел Иосифович Зиневич

Born 13.04.1892

Place Bolshie Leskovichi, Bereza, Grodno, Belarus

Ethnic origin Belarusian

Religion Roman Catholic

Father Joseph Zinevich

Mother Lukeria Zinevich


Eva Grace Zinevich (née Cowne), married 1919

Residence before arrival at Australia Lived in Canada for 3 years

Arrived at Australia
from Canada
on 11.1912
per Dumphreshire
disembarked at Sydney (deserted)

Residence before enlistment Sydney

Occupation 1914 labourer; 1938 carrier, 1954 salesman

service number 579
enlisted 17.09.1914
POE Rosebery Park, NSW
unit 13th Battalion, 4th MG Company, 45th Battalion
rank Private, Lance Corporal
place Gallipoli 1915; Western Front 1916-1917
casualties WIA 1915
final fate RTA 20.12.1917
discharged 13.08.1918 MU

Naturalisation 1939

Residence after the war Melbourne, 1954 Tasmania, since 1959 Bournemouth, UK

Died 1977 Bournemouth district, UK


Naturalisation (NAA) (Paul Joseph Zinevich)

Digitised service records (NAA) (Paul Zenewich)

Digitised Embarkation roll entry (AWM) (Zenewich)

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Newspaper articles

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