William Zavodtchikoff

Alias Zavodhkow; Zavodhkovw; Zavodchikoff; Zavodtchikoff known as William West; David William West

Russian spelling

Владимир (?) Заводчиков (Зоводчиков)

Born 5.02.1895

Place Tomsk, Russia

Ethnic origin Jewish / Russian

Religion Lutheran & Church of England

Father Roman Zavodhkow (Zavodtchikoff)


Wife Renee Zavodtchikoff (née Segal), married 1945

Arrived at Australia
from Moji, Japan
on 12.1914
per St Albans
disembarked at Darwin

Residence before enlistment Darwin, Townsville, Babinda, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney

Occupation 1915 labourer; 1925 general dealer

Service 1 (Depot)
enlisted 8.11.1915
POE Townsville, Qld
rank Private
discharged 1.04.1916 being under age

Service 2 (Depot)
service number N36448
enlisted 18.07.1916
POE Sydney
rank Private
discharged 24.01.1917 MU

Naturalisation 1925

Residence after the war Melbourne, Darwin, Sydney


Naturalisation (NAA) Zavodtchikoff known as William West

Digitised service records 1 2 (NAA) (Zavodhkow & Zavodtchikoff)

Investigation Branch file 1 2 (NAA) (Zavodtchikoff)

Personal case file, World War I 1 2 (NAA)

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From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

Many Russians received their baptism into Australianness through army mateship. This was an Australianness that was in no way solemn but involved things like sharing a drink with mates, playing two-up, giving lip to an NCO -- the sort of thing that often shows up as misconduct in the Russians' service records. For instance, young William Zavodtchikoff, a Siberian Jew, after spending several months in a Queensland depot as a sentry allowed a prisoner, an Australian, to escape from the guardroom. On being detained himself, Zavodtchikoff said to the sergeant of the guard: 'You have put that man in for nothing. Put me in too.' No private in the Russian army, let alone a Jewish private, would ever dare say anything like that.