Kazis Walinkevic

Alias Kazimir; Kazinar Volukavitz (Embarkation Roll); Charles Volukawytz (discharge), Charles Valukevicius (information from wife)

Born 2.02.1884

Place Mariampol (Kapsukas), Lithuania

Ethnic origin Lithuanian / Polish

Religion Roman Catholic


Had wife in Lithuania

Arrived at Australia
from Scotland
on 1910
per Berlin
disembarked at Fremantle, WA

Residence before enlistment Bellevue, Kalgoorlie, WA

Occupation Labourer, brick yard employee, seaman

enlisted 8.09.1914
POE Perth, Helena Vale (re-attested 19.11.1914, Broadmedow, Victoria)
unit 16th Battalion
rank Private
place Gallipoli, 1915
casualties WIA 1915
final fate RTA 23.05.1916
discharged 18.09.1916

Naturalisation 1914

Residence after the war 1916 Bellevue, WA, by 1922 London


Digitised naturalisation (NAA) (Kazis Walinkevic)

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Digitised Embarkation roll entry (AWM) (Kazinar Volukavitz)

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Steve Murphy, 'Lithuanian ANZACs: Research Continues', Lithuanian Papers, vol. 27, 2013, pp. 10-13.

From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

The Lithuanian Kazimir Valukevicius enlisted as Kazis Walinkevic but by the time of his discharge his name had transformed into Charles Volukawytz, and in 1924 an officer from Base Records had to undertake a whole investigation to change these apparently two separate individuals back into one!