Bronislaw Kretovitch

Alias Bronislav Ketovich (enl.)

Russian spelling

Бронислав Мечиславович Кретович

Born 16.11.1889

Place Vilna (Vilnius), Lithuania

Ethnic origin Polish / Russian

Religion Roman Catholic

Father Mecyslaw Kretovitch


Wife Nida (Vida) Ketovich, in Harbin, Russia (1916)

Residence before arrival at Australia Harbin, China

Arrived at Australia
from Harbin, China
on 10.12.1911
per Yawata Maru
disembarked at Brisbane

Residence before enlistment Brisbane, Melbourne

Occupation 1916 engine fitter, 1939 engineer

Service (Depot)
service number 46387
enlisted 12.06.1916
POE Melbourne
rank Private
discharged 26.06.1916 MU

Naturalisation 1939

Residence after the war Melbourne

Died 1967, Victoria


Digitised service records (NAA) (Ketovich, Bronislav)

Alien registration (NAA) (Kretovitch, Bronislaw)

Arrival in Melbourne of "Tango Maru" 21.10.1923 (NAA) (B Kretovitch)

Application for admission of relatives (NAA) (Kretovitch, Bronislaw)

Naturalisation (NAA) (Kretovitch, Bronislaw)

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