Andrew Jabinsky

Alias Jabensky, Jabinski
Russian spelling Андрей Иванович Жабинский
Born 29.06.1887
Place Borisov, Minsk, Belarus
Ethnic origin Belarusian
Religion Russian Orthodox
Father John Jabinsky
Mother Terezia Ignat'evna

Wife Rima Fedorobna Jabinsky (nee Petrova), marriage 1909, adopted daughter Evgenia, b. 1911 (stayed in Russia); wife Marion by 1925; wife Alice Jabinski (née Chapman), married 1929, daughter Claudia Margaret, b. 1929

Residence before arrival at Australia Served in the Siberian Engineers for 3 years
Arrived at Australia from Far East, Moji
on 10.07.1913
per St Albans
disembarked at Brisbane
Residence before enlistment Queensland, Rockhampton
Occupation 1915 engineer, 1925 fitter; 1939 engine fitter
Naturalisation 1940
Residence after the war 1919 Rockhampton, Mount Morgan, 1921 Babinda, Mount Morgan, 1925 Babinda, 1928 Newcastle, Broadmedow
Died 16.01.1951, Concord, Sydney

Service #1

Service number 95
Enlisted 1.04.1915
Place of enlistment Rockhampton, Qld
Unit 26th Battalion, 7th Brigade MG Company
Rank Private
Place Gallipoli, 1915; Western Front, 1916
Casualties WIA 1916
Final fate RTA early 1919
Discharged 10.04.1917 MU in London



Елена Говор, Белорусские Анзаки, Białoruskie Zeszyty Historyczne, 2013, no. 40, c. 53-108.

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From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

Often it was marriage that put an end to their nomadic life-styles [after the war]. Andrew Jabinsky, a former engineer, had been discharged in London with 'abdominal malignant disease' and returned to Australia in 1919 after a brief spell as a munitions worker there; the next two years he spent moving around between Rockhampton, Mount Morgan and Babinda, probably cane-cutting. In 1928 he moved from Queensland to Newcastle, New South Wales, where he married an Australian woman, had a child and started working at BHP as an engine-fitter. He applied for naturalisation in 1939 but by then, as his unsteady handwriting suggests, he was very sick. Thanks to his family's care, however, he had several more years of peaceful life, and died in 1951.