Augusta Emelia Enberg

Born 1874

Place Lovisa, Finland

Ethnic origin Finnish

Religion Lutheran

Mother Emelia Enberg

Residence before arrival at Australia Trained in the Surgical Hospital in Helsingfors, Finland

Arrived at Australia
from Antwerp
on 3.05.1913
per Zieten
disembarked at Sydney

Residence before enlistment Sydney

Occupation Nurse

enlisted 4.07.1916
POE Sydney
unit 14 Australian General Hospital
rank Nurse
place Egypt 1916-1917, England, 1917
final fate RTA 25.08.1917
discharged 10.11.1917 (as being of enemy nationality)

Naturalisation Served as Russian subject

Residence after the war Sydney, 1924 left for Finland


Digitised service records (NAA)

Digitised Embarkation roll entry (AWM)

Staff Nurse Enberg (AWM)

Digitised alien registration (NAA) (Enberg, Agusta Emilia)

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From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

One of those who came under suspicion was Augusta Enberg, a professional nurse from Finland, who was 42 years old and living with her sister in Sydney when she enlisted in the AIF -- the only female Russian subject to do so. She made two trips as a nurse on troop-ships to the war-theatre -- to Egypt in December 1916 - February 1917 and to Britain in May-October 1917. She returned to Australia on the Benalla with, among others, several Russians under her care, including two who were severely wounded: a Finnish former seaman, Anton Anderson, and Thomas Platonoff, the Russian farmer's son from Cordalba, Queensland. When Augusta Enberg arrived back in Australia, her appointment was terminated on suspicion that she was an enemy national.