Michael Dorofaeff

Michael and Vasily Dorofaeffs
about 1915, Queensland
Serena Dorf's archive

Alias Mick Dorf

Russian spelling

Михаил Владимирович Дорофеев

Born 1898

Place Bruslanovo, Lebedian, Russia

Ethnic origin Russian

Religion Roman Catholic (? Most likely Russian Orthodox)

Father Wlademer [Vladimir] Dorofaeff, Chita

Mother Feodocia


Brother Dorofaeff Basil b.1893 Bruslanovo, lived in Australia, since 1916 in NZ and had a family there. Wife Mary Johannah Mason, married 1924 Gisborne, New Zealand; son Timothy Donald Dorf (1926-2002) and daughter

Residence before arrival at Australia Moved with family to Chita

Arrived at Australia
from Russian Far East
on 4.07.1912
per Yawata Maru
disembarked at Brisbane

Residence before enlistment Guluguba, Miles, Qld

Occupation 1915 labourer; 1938 slaughterman

Service (Depot)
enlisted 21.09.1915
POE Toowoomba, Qld
rank Private
discharged 16.12.1915 (under age)

Naturalisation 1938 in New Zealand

Residence after the war Gisborne, New Zealand

Died 1978 Gisborne, New Zealand


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