Alexander Eisy Belfort

Alias Alexander Belfor
Russian spelling Александр (Саша) Бельфор
Born 25.02.1891
Place Odessa, Ukraine
Ethnic origin Jewish
Religion Jewish
Father Alter Leibovich Belfor
Mother Malia
Residence before arrival at Australia 1907 came to New York from Odessa; worked on American Line 1914-17
Arrived at Australia from Auckland
on 31.01.1918
per Austrapool or Liberty
disembarked at Melbourne
Residence before enlistment Gladstone, Qld
Occupation 1907 electrician; 1918 marine engineer
Naturalisation Applied in USA in 1915
Residence after the war 1919 from Auckland & Vancouver to Honolulu; 1920-1929 sailed on American ships; 1926 deserted his ship in Odessa, USSR

Service #1 – Depot

Service number 58187
Enlisted 2.07.1918
Place of enlistment Rockhampton, Qld
Rank Private
Discharged 21.08.1918 MU


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From Falling stars: The story of Anzacs from Ukraine:

The adventures of Alexander Belfort, whose AIF depot service was short, as he tried to enlist in the AIF with an old fracture to the right forearm, took him all over the world. In 1919 he sailed from Australia to New Zealand, then to Hawaii and Vancouver. During the following years he made numerous trips between Mexico, Peru, Spain, Turkey and the USA. In 1926, when his American ship visited Black Sea ports in the Soviet Union, he deserted the ship in Odessa. We still do not know how his life and the lives of other repatriates in Ukraine or Russia turned out, but as their archives begin to open to the public, we will one day be able to uncover their stories.