Carl Michael Alksne

Alias Karl Alksne
Born 3/16.08.1888 (nat.) 3.08.1890 (CIB)
Place Pernigel (Liepupe), Latvia
Ethnic origin Latvian
Religion Lutheran
Father Michael Alksne
Mother Dorothy
Family Wife Agnes McRae, married 1926, Victoria
Contacts Relative in Australia [Michael Paegle](../Paegle)
Arrived at Australia from Norway
on 11.05.1916
per Thor II (as II mate on board)
Residence before enlistment Sydney
Occupation 1916 seaman, labourer, ships carpenter, 1918 merchant ship officer, 1921 shipwright, 1936 carpenter; Consul for Latvia, 1921-1923
Naturalisation 1918
Residence after the war 1921 Sydney, 1925 Mildura, Vic, 1936 Kogarah, NSW
Died 16.08.1964, Sydney
Cemetery Woronora Memorial Park, NSW

Service #1

Service number 6689
Enlisted 20.11.1916
Place of enlistment Sydney
Unit 18th Battalion
Rank Private
Place Western Front, 1917
Casualties WIA 1917
Final fate RTA 20.12.1917
Discharged 7.05.1918 MU


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Ineta Didrihsone-Tomaševska, Latvia's consuls in Australia before World War II. - In: Aldis L. Putniņš, ed., Early Latvian Settlers in Australia, Melbourne: Sterling Star, 2010, pp. 157-164.

From Ineta Didrihsone-Tomaševska, Latvia's consuls in Australia before World War II:

Latvia's first consular representative in Australia was Kārlis Miķelis (also Carl Michael) Alksne (also Alksnis). Born in Latvia in August, 1888, he graduated from the maritime school in Ainaži in 1912 as a qualified ship's captain. Until 1916 he worked on Norwegian and Latvian trading vessels, and then travelled to Australia where he had a relative, Michael Paegle, in Melbourne. As an Australian citizen Alksne enlisted during WWI and served in France, where he was wounded in July, 1917. In 1919 he wrote to diplomatic staff in London recommending that a Latvian representative be appointed to support the interests of Sydney's Latvian community. His recommendation found favour and Alksne, a shipyard worker described by the Latvian consul in London as 'very energetic and patriotic in Latvian affairs', on January 15, 1921, became Latvia's representative in Australia.