Woolf, Urniarz, Turner

October 31, 2014

Isaac Woolf

  • Isaac Woolf was born in Uman in Ukraine in 1870. He came to Australia in his youth and worked as a shoemaker.
  • Enlisted in South Australia and was discharged a week later, probably because of his age.

Stanislaus Urniarz

  • Stanislaus Urniarz was born in Vilno (now Vilnius, Lithuania) and was either a Pole or a Lithuanian. He came to Australia in 1904 via the Russian Far East and worked as a tailor in Sydney, being one of the founders of the first Russian circle in Sydney.
  • By the time of the war he was over 40 years old and was accepted into the Australian Medical Corps, later serving in the 2nd Australian General Hospital in Egypt, on the Western Front, and in England.
  • In 1920 he left Australia for his motherland, the young independant country of Lithuania, and in 1925 he renounced his British nationality.

Frederick Claude Turner

  • Frederick Claude Turner, according to his attestation, was born in Bromberg, Germany which is now Bydgoszcz, Poland. Most likely he was British, as he never had any trouble on account of his place of birth in the enemy country. In Australia he worked as a steward, horse breaker and groom.
  • He served several months in Gallipoli in the 4th Battalion until he was hospitalised with otitis and injury to his knee. There followed a chain of hospitals, base depots and AWLs, until he was repatriated to Australia as medically unfit in 1917. In 1918 he reenlisted and served in the Depot as a driver.
  • In 1918 he married and lived in Melbourne, working as a builder and labourer.