Wilenius, Corsair, Ipp

April 14, 2017

John Vaina Wilenius

  • John Vaina Wilenius, a Finnish seaman from Helsingfors (Helsinkli), sailed around America, the West Indies and Africa. He lived in Sydney, working as a rigger.
  • Enlisting in the AIF, he served with Field Squadron Engineers in Egypt as a sapper.
  • After the war he lived in Queensland and probably moved to America in 1922.

Alexander Corsair

  • Alexander Corsair, born in St Petersburg, came to Newcastle in Australia in 1887, most likely as a seaman. He moved to Western Australia, where he worked as a miner and mining carpenter. He became part of the tough world of outback mining communities, living in the mining camps and fighting for the rights of his mates.
  • Although he was over fifty, he enlisted in the AIF and was allocated to the tunnelling companies as a sapper, but seven months later he was discharged as medically unfit.
  • After the war he continued working as a carpenter for the railway department.

Joe Ipp

  • Joe Ipp, a Jewish man from Kovno (Kaunas) in Lithuania, emigrated with his family to South Africa. In 1914 he came to Melbourne and worked as a fruit merchant.
  • Enlisting in the AIF he served as a gunner and a driver in the 1st Artillery Brigade on the Western Front and was discharged in England after the war.
  • In 1921 he returned to Australia, where he married Ethel Fabricant and continued working in the fruit business.