Savolainen, Buchner, Chernianin, Syren

December 29, 2015

Arthur John Savolainen

  •  Arthur John Savolainen, a seaman from Finland, came to Australia in about 1903 and worked as a sailor.
  • He came to the Western Front with the 57th Battalion in June 1916 and was killed three weeks later in the battle for Sugarloaf.
  • His mother in Finland was found after the war.

Hyman Buchner

  • Hyman Buchner (his real name was Waitrock), a Jewish man from Lodz in Poland, left with his family to Scotland, where he lived for 12 years, and in 1908 moved to Melbourne, where he worked as a tailor.
  • He served with the 57th, 59th, and 60th battalions on the Western Front. In August 1916 he was wounded at Pozieres. He recovered and returned to the trenches. In June 1918 he was wounded for the second time.
  • After the war he married an Australian woman, Margaret Ann Violet Armstrong; they lived in Melbourne, where Hyman worked as a mantle manufacturer. Later he lived in Sydney, where during WWII he enlisted in the AIF.

Effim Chernianin

  • Effim Chernianin from Eniseisk in Siberia, came to Australia in 1912 as a seaman. He worked in Port Pirie, Broken Hill and Adelaide, probably as a fitter and turner.
  • Enlisting in the AIF, he served in the 10th Battalion on the Western Front.
  • While in England he married a local girl, but she did not follow him to Australia and later he married Ruby Myrtle Eades. They lived in Adelaide, where he worked as a labourer and seaman.

Karl Syren

  • Karl Syren, a seaman from Finland, by the time of enlistment in the AIF, lived in Goulburn.
  • He served on the Western Front with the 55th Battalion. In September 1918 he was killed at the battle for Peronne.
  • His family in Finland was never found.