Robin, Snellman, Tarasowf

June 27, 2015

David Kalmen Robin

  • David Kalmen Robin, or Rabinowitz, from Belostok in Poland came to Western Australia in 1903 as a young man. He lived in Bunbury and Fremantle and was engaged in commence. In 1909 he moved to the US and applied for naturalisation there, but by 1913 he came back to Australia, settled in Sydney and married an Australian girl, Florence Rogan. In 1914 they had a son.
  • Enlisting in the AIF he fought with the 18th Battalion at Gallipoli and then was transferred to the Western Front, where he was killed on 16 April 1916, being the first to fall on the Western Front among the Russian born soldiers.
  • His son Max Robin served during WWII in the Royal Australian Navy in the North Africa and Middle East.

John Victor Snellman

  • John Victor Snellman, a seaman from Hango in Finland, came to Australia in 1912.
  • Enlisting in the AIF he landed with the reinforcements to the 18th Battalion at Gallipoli in September 1915. By December he became mentally ill, was was evacuated to Abbasia hospital in Egypt, and finally to Australia.
  • In Australia he recovered and worked as a postal assistant and tramway employee in Sydney. In 1916 he married Australian girl Grace Smith and had a family.

Thomas Tarasowf

  • Thomas Tarasowf, born in Minsk, Belarus, came to Queensland via the Russian Far East in 1913. He was a fitter by trade and worked in Townsville.
  • Enlisting in the AIF he sailed to Egypt with the 26th Battalion, but upon arrival was transferred to the 2nd Pioneer Battalion. He served for nearly 3 years in France, suffering from different ailments and occasionally getting into trouble for AWLs.
  • Returning to Australia he worked in Mackay and Rockhampton (probably as a cane-cutter) and then in Mount Morgan as a miner, until he succumbed to TB from which he died in 1940.