Pulpe, Cromer, Kalinovsky, Mauchin, Samaroff

October 16, 2016

Charles Martin Pulpe

  • Charles Martin Pulpe from Riga in Latvia came to Australia in 1905 and worked as a fisherman in South Australia and then as a miner in Broken Hill.
  • Enlisting in the AIF in Sydney, he was allocated to the 1st Pioneer Battalion, but deserted six weeks later. When apprehended in 1918 and court martialled, he explained that he did not want to be a soldier. He was sentenced to 140 days of hard labour and discharged.
  • After the war he worked as a labourer in New South Wales and Queensland, constantly traveling in search of employment.

Samuel Cromer

  • Samuel Cromer, a Jewish man from Riga, by the time of his enlistment was working as a tailor in Geraldton in Western Australia.
  • Enlisting in Geraldton, he arrived with the reinforcements to the 27th Battalion to England and absented himself.
  • He was never found, and was discharged as an illegal absentee.

William Kalinovsky

  • William Kalinovsky came from Zhagare in Lithuania. He emigrated to the USA and in Chicago mastered the skill of tailoring and later moved to Australia. By the time of his enlistment in the AIF he worked in Cloncurry, Queensland, as a tailor’s cutter.
  • He served with the 21st Machine Gun Company on the Western Front, attaining the rank of lance corporal.
  • After the end of the war he got some professional training in a clothing factory and cutting academy in England. Returning to Australia he married an Australian girl, Clarisse McFeeters, in Broken Hill, and worked as a tailor.

J. Mauchin

  • J. Mauchin enlisted in the AIF in New South Wales. His service records have not been found.

A. A. Samaroff

  • A. A. Samaroff, a Russian, also enlisted in New South Wales, and his service records are not found.