Norman, Koty, Sadagoursky, Kirilloff, Alexseff

August 4, 2016

Frank Norman

  • Frank Norman, a Finnish seaman from Kristinestad, was working in Broken Hill by the time of his enlistment in the AIF.
  • He served with the 37th Battalion on the Western Front, later being transferred to the 3rd Division Salvage Company. In April 1917 he broke his leg in an accident and was returned to Australia.
  • After the was he lived in Bowden and Port Pirie in South Australia.

George Herman Koty

  • George Herman Koty, a Jewish man born in Kiev, emigrated to New York with his family in 1906. He came to Australia as a seaman and enlisted in the AIF in Adelaide.
  • He served with the 40th Battalion on the Western Front. In January 1917, at Armentieres, he was wounded in the neck, but, recovering, returned to the front. In April 1918, at Dernancourt, he was wounded once again in the arm and in August 1918, at the beginning of the final advance, in the leg.
  • After his discharge from the AIF in Australia he returned to the USA. He married, and worked in the dyeing and cleaning business.

Harry Sadagoursky

  • Harry Sadagoursky, a Jewish man from Odessa, migrated with his family to Palestine as a child. In 1912 Harry and his family moved to Perth.
  • Harry made his first attempt to enlist in August 1914 when he was just seventeen, but was rejected because of ‘under chest measurement’. The second time he enlisted was in July 1916, but he was discharged several months later as being underage. He made one more attempt to enlist a year later, but was rejected because of eye problems.
  • After the war he worked as a carter, later moving to Melbourne where he married Sadie Leon and became a master fruiterer at the Victoria, Prahran and Dandenong markets.

Ivan Vasilivich Kirilloff

  • Ivan Vasilivich Kirilloff, a Russian from Rostov-on-Don, came to Australia in 1911 from the Russian Far East with his wife Klavdia and daughter Evgenia. They settled in Ipswich, where he worked as a turner in the railway workshops.
  • Enlisting in the AIF in Brisbane, he got ill with rheumatism and was discharged three months later.
  • After the war he lived in Injune, managing a store. Retiring, he moved to Brisbane, and took a trip with his family to the USA and England in 1929.

Vladimir Alexseff

  • Vladimir Alexseff, born in Vladivostok, came to Australia in 1911 from Africa as a seaman and worked on coastal ships.
  • According to his statement, he enlisted in the AIF at the beginning of the war and served for six months; later he was engaged on the transport vessel taking troops to Gallipoli (these records have not been found). In July 1916 he applied for enlistment in the AIF once again but was rejected as medically unfit because of defective vision.
  • In 1915 he married an Australian girl, Myra Alison Burwood-Baldry, and had a son. They lived in Sydney where Vladimir worked as a fitter and turner. He got sick with TB and, in spite of medical treatment in Switzerland, died in 1932.