Luck, Arn, Kamishansky, Baer

August 30, 2014

Today we celebrate the lives of four servicemen:


Sidney Ivor Luck

  • Born in Zamoste, Lublin Province, he came London with his family as a child.
  • Educated as a surveyor, emigrated to Australia in 1912 to work in Broken Hill.
  • Fought in Gallipoli in the Medical Corps. In 1916 transferred to the Imperial Army, serving in Salonica and Constantinopole.
  • After the war had a successful career in London, but visited Russia in 1936 as a member of the British eclipse expedition to Omsk.


Alexander Arn

  • A Russian from St Petersburg, probably a Russian German.
  • Came to Australia in 1911 via the Far East and took to the bush, rabbiting at Coolamon and Walbundrie stations in NSW.
  • At the Gallipoli landing, he lost the fingers on his left hand and was repatriated to Australia, but re-enlisted and served for two years in the Camel Corps.
  • After the war, he moved to London, serving in the British Merchant Navy.


George Kamishansky

  • Son of a Russian St Petersburg court prosecutor, he was born in Kerch, the Crimea. Well educated, he took to the sea after his father’s death, and came to Australia as an AB seaman in 1913.
  • Fought at Gallipoli as a gunner, on the Western Front was attached to the Army Intelligence Staff, where he was able to put his linguistic skills to good use.
  • Worked as electrician, telephone mechanic and customs officer after the war, naming his house in Sydney ‘Kertch’.


Thomas Baer

  • Born in Lappo in Finland, came to Australia as a ship’s engineer.
  • Wounded in Gallipoli soon after landing, but recuperated and fought on the Western Front, reaching the rank of Sergeant.
  • Married in England and lived in Sydney after the war, working as a labourer.