Ten January 1916 enlistees without service records

February 9, 2016

Since January 1916 the Australian enlisting officers, at the request of the Russian Consul General, Nicholas Abaza, had to send him lists of all Russian subjects accepted for military service. Some of them, although being initially accepted, did not make it to active service abroad and were discharged from the AIF soon after enlistment. In some cases their service records with enlistment details had not been preserved and we have only brief data about them from the lists sent to the consul. In January 1916 there were ten such enlistees without service record files.

  • Alexander Allekson enlisted in the AIF in New South Wales. There is no further data about him.
  • Karl A. Blomquist was a Finn and enlisted in NSW.
  • Theodor Cussoff was probably a Baltic German and enlisted in Victoria.
  • John Grinitz enlisted in NSW.
  • Otto Kampmann was, probably, a Baltic German from Estonia. He enlisted in the AIF in Victoria.
  • Charles Koppel was a seaman from Arensburg (Kuressaare) in Saaremaa Island in Estonia. He arrived at Australia in 1914 and was working on coastal vessels. He enlisted in the AIF in NSW.
  • William Lepama was an Estonian seaman from Dago (Hiiumaa) Island. He came to Australia in 1913, enlisted in NSW and left for England in 1921.
  • Isaac Micolazyk was probably a Ukrainian. He enlisted in NSW.
  • A. Nesterunka was probably Afanacy Nesternko, an engineer from Odessa, who came to Australia in 1911. He enlisted in NSW. In 1917 he was convicted for attempted arson.
  • August Veedof was an Estonian seaman, who came to Australia in 1910 and worked in Sydney as seaman and wharf labourer. He enlisted in the AIF in NSW. After the war he moved to England.
  • J. Wienburg enlisted in NSW. No data was found about him.