Jacobson, Berskaln, Martinson, Lindquist, Saari

April 18, 2016

Fritz Johann Jacobson

  • Fritz Johann Jacobson, a seaman from Vindava (Ventspils) in Latvia, came to Western Australia in 1912 and was farming near Albany. Before enlisting in the AIF he twice applied for naturalisation, but was refused.
  • Arriving at the Western Front with the 16th Battalion, he was killed three months later at Bullecourt.
  • His brother was found after the war in Latvia.

Andrei Berskaln

  • Andrei Berskaln, a Latvian from Vindava, came to Australia in 1910 and worked in Tasmania as a carpenter.
  • He served with the 37th Battalion on the Western Front, attaining the rank of sergeant.
  • After the war he married an Australian woman, Emily Jane Wikinson, and settled in Melbourne, working as a joiner. He naturalised as late as 1967.

David Martinson

  • David Martinson, a ship’s carpenter from Riga, came to Melbourne in March 1916 and enlisted a week later.
  • He served with the 2nd Pioneer Battalion on the Western Front; in January 1918 he was returned to Australia suffering from rheumatism and being ‘overage’.
  • After the war he married a Russian woman Praskovia (Parascovia) Baranov and settled in Port Melbourne, working as a painter.

Emil Fredrik Lindquist

  • Emil Fredrik Lindquist, a Finnish seaman from Abo, enlisted in the AIF in Adelaide.
  • He served with the 7th Field Company Engineers on the Western Front.
  • After the war he married an Australian girl, Lillie May, and lived in Semaphore in South Australia.

Hugo Saari

  • Hugo Saari from Abo in Finland came to South Australia in 1910, probably as a seaman, and worked as a labourer and miner.
  • He served with the 48th Battalion on the Western Front.
  • After the war he changed his name to Hugo Saari Holme and moved to Western Australia where he married a local girl, Helen Frances Anderson. They lived in the gold mining areas and in Fremantle, where Hugo worked as a carpenter, shipwright and boat builder.