Hill, Borsoff, Westerberg, Raisanen, Williams

June 6, 2016

Richard William Hill

  • Richard William Hill, an Englishman born in Moscow, enlisted in the AIF in Melbourne in May 1916. His occupation was recorded as electrician and linguist.
  • He served as a permanent guard in Australia  and was discharged in November 1916. He enlisted for the second time in June 1917 for service abroad, but served in the Home service until the end of the war.
  • After the war he lived in Melbourne working as an electrician.

John Borsoff

  • John Borsoff from Riga came to Western Australia in the early 1890s and worked as a miner. By the time of his enlistment he lived in the remote area of Marble Bar.
  • Enlisting in the AIF in Perth, he served with the 32nd Battalion on the Western Front.
  • After the war he lived in the Marble Bar area continuing his work as a prospector.

John Kristianson Westerberg

  • John Kristianson Westerberg, an Estonian from the Haapsalu area, was a seaman and carpenter. He came to Australia in about 1909 and worked in Tirroan, Queensland, as a carpenter.
  • He served with the 4th Pioneer Battalion on the Western Front and was killed in February 1918 at the battle for Hill 60 at Hollebeke.
  • His Australian friends remembered him, but his family was never found and only recently his niece Marina Wallin learnt about his destiny.

Otto Abram Raisanen

  • Otto Abram Raisanen, a Finn from Uleaborg, was probably a seaman. He came to Australia in 1915 and was working as a butcher in Victoria.
  • He served with the Machine Gun company and 59th Battalion on the Western Front. In September 1917 he was wounded in the left hand at Polygon Wood; in November the same year he was wounded in the arm at Messines; in April 1918 he was gassed, recovered and continued to serve to the end of the war.
  • After the war he married a Finnish girl, Ellen Jakobina Nyman, a sister of another Finnish Anzac, Julius Nyman. They tried farming, but later Otto worked as a smallgoodsman in Yandina and Townsville in Queensland. In 1931 they moved to New Zealand for five years, but then returned to Australia. During WWII Raisanen worked as a waterside worker in Sydney; later they returned to Yandina.

John Williams

  • John Williams, an Estonian seaman from Piarnu, enlisted in the AIF in Hamilton in Victoria.
  • Three months later he was discharged, being convicted by civil power.
  • After the war he lived in Sydney.