Gaisman, Pry, Sutkis, Wilander, Cochura

February 1, 2016

Ian Gaisman

  • Ian Gaisman, a Latvian seaman from Riga, landed in Sydney on 10 January 1916 from the English ship Port Curtis. Ten days later he enlisted in the AIF.
  • He arrived on the Western Front in October 1917 with the 3rd Battalion and a few weeks later was severely wounded in the leg at Ypres; he was repatriated to Australia.
  • After the war he lived in Sydney working as a rigger and engine driver.

William Pry

  • William Pry (Prii in service records), an Estonian seaman from Moon (Muhu) Island, came to Sydney together with Gaisman and enlisted in the AIF with him.
  • He was allocated to the 1st Pioneer Battalion and, like Gaisman, was wounded at Ypres in October 1917 in the back and leg, but returned to the trenches after his recovery.
  • After the war he married an Australian girl, Letitia Croft, and lived in Sydney, continuing his occupation as a seaman.

Anton Sutkis

  • Anton Sutkis, a seaman from Lithuania, came to Australia in 1912. At the enlistment he gave his occupation as miner.
  • He enlisted in the AIF in Liverpool, near Sydney; while training he got sick with tuberculosis. He was sent to a sanatorium at Wentworth Falls, but died in August 1916.

Lennart Birger Wilander

  • Lennart Birger Wilander came from Wasa in Finland. He landed in Western Australia in 1912 and worked as a mill hand Yarloop.
  • Enlisting in the AIF, he served as a driver with the 3rd Division Ammunition Column on the Western Front.
  • After the war he married an Australian girl, Laura May Lane, and lived in Western Australia working at the mills. During WWII he enlisted in the AIF and served at Volunteer Defence Corps.

James Cochura

  • James Cochura, a Ukrainian from Ekaterinoslav Province, served for 3 years in the Russian army as a foot guard and came to Australia from the Russian Far East in 1913.
  • Enlisting in the AIF, he served in the 7th Light Horse Regiment in Egypt and Palestine.
  • After the war he lived in a soldier settlement in Temora, but during the Depression moved to Sydney and then to Brisbane and worked as a wharf labourer. During WWII he served  in the 1st Garrison Battalion.