Blek, Mitskievich, Kaptein, Jaks, Fredrikson

May 8, 2016

Enoch Blek

  • Enoch Blek from Oulu in Finland came to Australia in 1893 with his parents. He worked as a fireman and lived in New South Wales. He was married to Elizabeth Grimwood and had two sons.
  • He served with the 2nd Tunnelling Company on the Western Front.
  • After the war he lived with his family at Redhead.

Adam Mitskievich

  • Adam Mitskievich, a Pole from Radom, served for 8 years in the Russian army. He came to Queensland and lived in Bundaberg working as a wood chopper.
  • He enlisted in Bundaberg, but was discharged two months later with mental health problems.
  • After the war he stayed in Queensland.

Johann Kaptein

  • Johann Kaptein, a seaman from Riga in Latvia, came to Australia in 1910.
  • He enlisted in the AIF in Melbourne, but was discharged three months later because of insufficient English.
  • After the war he continued his occupation as a seaman.

William Frank Jaks

  • William Frank Jaks from the Kovno (Kaunas) in Lithuania area stated he was of Polish origin. He came to Australia in 1914 and worked as a carpenter and cabinet maker.
  • He enlisted in the AIF in Adelaide and served with the 5th Pioneer Battalion on the Western Front. In September 1918 he was severely wounded at the Hindenburg Line.
  • After the war he worked as a French polisher and upholsterer in country New South Wales and Sydney. In the mid-1930s he moved to Canberra, where he married an Australian woman, Madeline Mary Elliott.

Frans Oscar Fredrikson

  • Frans Oscar Fredrikson from Aland in Finland came to Australia in 1898 and worked as a fisherman and labourer in Western Australia.
  • He served with the 16th Battalion on the Western Front. In April 1917, at the Battle for Bullecourt, he was taken POW. After the Armistice he was returned to Australia.
  • After the war he married an Australian girl, Annie Magdalena Forsyth, and lived with his family in Fremantle working as a labourer. In 1940 he died in a traffic accident.