Trinkoon, Seuff, Gusaroff, Kairi

February 12, 2017

Jack Trinkoon

  • Jack Trinkoon, a young man from a Russian-Polish family from Riga, came to Brisbane with his parents and siblings in 1911. He worked as a station hand, and then as a carpenter in Brisbane.
  • He first enlisted when he was just 17 in December 1915, but got into trouble and was discharged after being court martialled for desertion. As soon as he was released, he re-enlisted again and served in Egypt with the 14th Australian General Hospital.
  • After the war he lived in Brisbane, working as a cabinetmaker and motor body builder. In 1921 he married an Australian girl, Matilda Jane Stokes. Their son Thomas John served in the AIF during WWII.

Samuel Seuff

  • Samuel Seuff, a Jewish man from Shiauliai in Lithuania, visited Australia during the war as a seaman.
  • He first enlisted in the AIF in January 1916, but was discharged a few days later. During the next visit in December 1916 he enlisted again and was sent to Europe with the 45th battalion. While aboard the ship he attempted to commit suicide and was returned to Australia and discharged.
  • Upon return he lived in Sydney, working as a wharf labourer.

Alexander Gusaroff

  • Alexander Gusaroff came from a family of tugboat pilots, in Lebiazh’e near St Petersburg. He worked on English ships, landing in Australia in October 1916.
  • Enlisting in the AIF in Sydney he served with the 55th Battalion on the Western Front suffering heavy wounds to his legs during the Hindenburg Line Offensive in September 1918.
  • After the war he lived in Sydney working as a labourer.

Andrew Kairi

  • Andrew Kairi, a Latvian seaman from Libava (Liepaja), came to Western Australia in 1916 and enlisted in the AIF.
  • He sailed with the 44th Battalion to the Western Front, but was diagnosed with tuberculosis while in England and returned to Australia.
  • After the war he had some troubles with law as a result of drunken brawls in pubs and succumbed to death in 1926.