Saveliy Tkachenko

Alias Savelly

Russian spelling

Савелий Авксентьевич Ткаченко

Born 3.10.1894

Place Gusiatin, Kamenets-Podolskii, Ukraine

Ethnic origin Ukrainian

Religion Russian Orthodox

Father Aksenti Tkachenko

Mother Pelahia Sakevech [Sakevich]

Residence before arrival at Australia Lived in Siberia for 6 months

Arrived at Australia
from Dairen
on 27.10.1913
per St Albans
disembarked at Townsville

Residence before enlistment Townsville, Brisbane

Occupation Labourer

service number 1004A
enlisted 8.03.1915
POE Townsville, Qld
unit 25th Battalion, 26th Battalion
rank Private
place Gallipoli, 1915; Western Front, 1916-1918
casualties Wounded 1915 (self-inflicted)
final fate RTA 28.03.1919
discharged 27.07.1919

Naturalisation 1937

Residence after the war Brisbane

Died 24.10.1985, Queensland


Naturalisation (NAA)

Digitised naturalisation certificate (NAA)

Digitised service records (NAA) (Tkachenro)

Digitised Embarkation roll entry (AWM) (Tkackanko)

Court martial file 1 2 3 (digitised, p. 67) 4 (NAA)

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From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

A former railway labourer, a Ukrainian, Saveliy Tkachenko (25th Battalion) shot off the index finger on his right hand early on the morning of 4 November [1915]. He had already been a few months on Gallipoli at this stage and had only just returned from hospital, where he was suffering from nerves. Along with other soldiers who had self-inflicted wounds, Tkachenko was tried by court-martial. His commanding officer characterised Tkachenko as an 'indifferent soldier', and stressed that he 'has been hard to understand, not being conversant with the English language. He is of Russian nationality.' His self-inflicted wound did not in any case help him to get out of the army: by that stage every man was needed. Later, in France, Tkachenko would try more than once to desert; he was even sentenced once to 'Penal servitude for life', although the sentence was suspended not long after and he was sent back to the trenches.