Hyman Buchner

Alias Hyman Waitrock, Viatrock (original name, changed by deed poll to Buchner)
Born 18.08.1891
Place Lodz, Poland
Ethnic origin Jewish
Religion Jewish
Father Samuel Waitrock
Mother Yetta Szech*
Family Wife Margaret Ann Violet Buchner (nee Armstrong), married in 1921
Residence before arrival at Australia Scotland 12 years
Arrived at Australia from London
on 04.1909
per Suffolk
disembarked at Melbourne
Residence before enlistment Melbourne, New Zealand in 1911-1912, Melbourne
Occupation 1915 tailor (presser); 1933 mantle manufacturer, 1940 barman
Naturalisation 1933
Residence after the war Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, NSW, 1940 Sydney
Died 11.11.1967, Heidelberg, Victoria

Service #1

Service number 5059
Enlisted 27.12.1915
Place of enlistment Melbourne
Unit 5th Battalion, 57th Battalion, 59th Battalion, 60th Battalion
Rank Private
Place Western Front, 1916-1919
Casualties WIA 1916, 1918
Final fate RTA 16.03.1919
Discharged 13.07.1919

Service #2 – WWII

Service number N99186
Enlisted 22.10.1940
Place of enlistment Paddington, NSW
Unit HQ E C (catering services)
Rank Private; Acting Corporal
Discharged 13.02.1942 MU


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