Vasily Boltinkof

Alias Boltinikof, Boltincof

Russian spelling

Василий Болтиников (Болтинков)

Born 17.03.1888

Place Boguchar, Voronezh, Russia

Ethnic origin Russian

Religion Church of England

Mother Irina Boltinikof


Came to Australia with Jackow Petroff

Arrived at Australia
from India
on 23.01.1912
per Itouns
disembarked at Fremantle, WA

Residence before enlistment Holyoake, WA, Sydney, Melbourne

Occupation Engine fitter and turner

Service (Depot)
enlisted 9.04.1915
POE Melbourne
unit 21st Battalion
rank Private
discharged 25.05.1915 to rejoin his regiment in Voronezh

Naturalisation 1914


Digitised naturalisation (NAA) (as Boltinikof )

Digitised service records (NAA) (as Boltincof Vassily)

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From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

At Fremantle in 1912 two Russians of peasant background arrived from India on the sailing ship Itonus: Jackow Petroff from the village of Tokmak in the Tien Shan foothills, central Asia (now Kirghizia), and Vasily Boltinkof from Boguchar village in Voronezh province. What took them from Russia to India in the first place remains a mystery, let alone how they ended up together on the boat to Australia.